IAccessible2 API Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
IA2LocaleA structure defining the locale of an accessible object
IA2TableModelChangeA structure defining the type of and extents of changes made to a table
IA2TextSegmentA structure containing a substring and the start and end offsets in the enclosing string
IAccessibleActionThis interface gives access to actions that can be executed for accessible objects
IAccessibleApplicationThis interface gives access to the application's name and version information
IAccessibleComponentThis interface is implemented by any object that can be rendered on the screen
IAccessibleEditableTextThis interface gives write access to a text representation
IAccessibleHyperlinkThis interface represents hyperlinks
IAccessibleHypertextThis interface exposes information about hypertext in a document
IAccessibleImageThis interface represents images and icons
IAccessibleRelationThis interface gives access to an object's set of relations
IAccessibleTableThis interface gives access to a two-dimensional table
IAccessibleTextThis interface gives read-only access to text
IAccessibleValueThis interface gives access to a single numerical value

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