const long IA2_STATE_ACTIVE = 0x1
const long IA2_STATE_ARMED = 0x2
const long IA2_STATE_DEFUNCT = 0x4
const long IA2_STATE_EDITABLE = 0x8
const long IA2_STATE_HORIZONTAL = 0x10
const long IA2_STATE_ICONIFIED = 0x20
const long IA2_STATE_INVALID_ENTRY = 0x40
const long IA2_STATE_MODAL = 0x100
const long IA2_STATE_MULTI_LINE = 0x200
const long IA2_STATE_OPAQUE = 0x400
const long IA2_STATE_REQUIRED = 0x800
const long IA2_STATE_SELECTABLE_TEXT = 0x1000
const long IA2_STATE_SINGLE_LINE = 0x2000
const long IA2_STATE_STALE = 0x4000
const long IA2_STATE_TRANSIENT = 0x10000
const long IA2_STATE_VERTICAL = 0x20000

Detailed Description

IAccessible2 state constants.

Variable Documentation

const long IA2_STATE_ACTIVE = 0x1

Indicates a window is currently the active window.

const long IA2_STATE_ARMED = 0x2

Indicates that the object is armed.

const long IA2_STATE_DEFUNCT = 0x4

Indicates the user interface object corresponding to this object no longer exists.

const long IA2_STATE_EDITABLE = 0x8

Indicates the user can change the contents of this object.

const long IA2_STATE_HORIZONTAL = 0x10

Indicates the orientation of this object is horizontal.

const long IA2_STATE_ICONIFIED = 0x20

Indicates this object is minimized and is represented only by an icon.

const long IA2_STATE_INVALID_ENTRY = 0x40

Indicates an input validation failure.


Indicates that this object manages its children.

Used when children are transient. In this case it is not necessary to add listeners to the children.

The state is added to improve performance in the case of large containers such as tables. When an object manages its children it is not necessary to iterate over all the children and add listeners. The parent object will provide state notifications regarding the state of its children.

const long IA2_STATE_MODAL = 0x100

Indicates that an object is modal.

Modal objects have the behavior that something must be done with the object before the user can interact with an object in a different window.

const long IA2_STATE_MULTI_LINE = 0x200

Indicates this text object can contain multiple lines of text.

const long IA2_STATE_OPAQUE = 0x400

Indicates this object paints every pixel within its rectangular region.

const long IA2_STATE_REQUIRED = 0x800

Indicates that user interaction is required.

An example of when this state is used is when a field in a form must be filled before a form can be processed.

const long IA2_STATE_SELECTABLE_TEXT = 0x1000

Indicates an object which supports text selection.

Note: This is different than MSAA STATE_SYSTEM_SELECTABLE.

const long IA2_STATE_SINGLE_LINE = 0x2000

Indicates that this text object can contain only a single line of text.

const long IA2_STATE_STALE = 0x4000

Indicates that the accessible object is stale.

This state is used when the accessible object no longer accurately represents the state of the object which it is representing such as when an object is transient or when an object has been or is in the process of being destroyed.


Indicates that the object implements autocompletion.

This state indicates that that a text control will respond to the input of one ore more characters and cause a sub-item to become selected. The selection may also result in events fired on the parent object.

const long IA2_STATE_TRANSIENT = 0x10000

Indicates this object is transient.

const long IA2_STATE_VERTICAL = 0x20000

Indicates the orientation of this object is vertical.

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