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Errata for IAccessible2, version 1.0.2 Documentation

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Pete Brunet (IBM), chair, IAccessible2 Subgroup
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This document contains errata and corrections to Documentation for IAccessible2, 1.0.2. Note that individual bugs logged against the IAccessible2, version 1.0.2 specification, are contained in a Bugzilla interface, under the component "IAccessible2", and, therefore, are not logged in this document.

This errata document refers to the stable online reference version of the documentation for IAccessible2, version 1.0.2, which is available at:

A zip archive containing the complete documentation for IAccessible2, version 1.0.2 is also available, as is a zip archive containing IAccessible2, version 1.0.2 documentation and IDL files.

Submitting Feedback and Reporting Errata

To report errors in the documentation, please send email to, a publicly archived emailing list.

To submit feedback on IAccessible2, version 1.0.2, please use the Bugzilla interface located at: When using Bugzilla please be sure to select IAccessible2 from the list of components. Bugzilla is the preferred method for receiving feedback because it automatically logs one's feedback in the IAccessible2 tracking system without additional human intervention.

Errata for IAccessible2, Version 1.0.2

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Document created 2008-06-30
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