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struct  IA2TextSegment
interface  IAccessibleText
 This interface gives read-only access to text. More...


typedef struct IA2TextSegment IA2TextSegment


enum  IA2TextBoundaryType {

Typedef Documentation

A structure containing a substring and the start and end offsets in the enclosing string.

IAccessibleText::newText and IAccessibleText::oldText return this struct.

Enumeration Type Documentation

This enum defines values which specify a text boundary type.

IA2_TEXT_BOUNDARY_SENTENCE is optional. When a method doesn't implement this method it must return S_FALSE. Typically this feature would not be implemented by an application. However, if the application developer was not satisfied with how screen readers have handled the reading of sentences this boundary type could be implemented and screen readers could use the application's version of a sentence rather than the screen reader's.

The rest of the boundary types must be supported.

This enum is used in IAccessibleText::textBeforeOffset, IAccessibleText::textAtOffset, and IAccessibleText::textAfterOffset.


Typically, a single character is returned. In some cases more than one character is returned, for example, when a document contains field data such as a field containing a date, time, or footnote reference. In this case the caret can move over several characters in one movement of the caret. Note that after the caret moves, the caret offset changes by the number of characters in the field, e.g. by 8 characters in the following date: 03/26/07.


The range provided matches the range observed when the application processes the Ctrl + left arrow and Ctrl + right arrow key sequences. Typically this is from the start of one word to the start of the next, but various applications are inconsistent in the handling of the end of a line.


Range is from start of one sentence to the start of another sentence.


Range is from start of one paragraph to the start of another paragraph.


Range is from start of one line to the start of another line. This often means that an end-of-line character will appear at the end of the range. However in the case of some applications an end-of-line character indicates the end of a paragraph and the lines composing the paragraph, other than the last line, do not contain an end of line character.


Using this value will cause all text to be returned.

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