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IA2TableModelChange Struct Reference

import "IA2CommonTypes.idl";

Public Attributes

enum IA2TableModelChangeType type
long firstRow
 0 based, inclusive More...
long lastRow
 0 based, inclusive More...
long firstColumn
 0 based, inclusive More...
long lastColumn
 0 based, inclusive More...

Detailed Description

A structure defining the type of and extents of changes made to a table

IAccessibleTable::modelChange and IAccessibleTable2::modelChange return this struct. In the case of an insertion or change the row and column offsets define the boundaries of the inserted or changed subtable after the operation. In the case of a deletion the row and column offsets define the boundaries of the subtable being removed before the removal.

Member Data Documentation

long IA2TableModelChange::firstColumn

0 based, inclusive

long IA2TableModelChange::firstRow

0 based, inclusive

long IA2TableModelChange::lastColumn

0 based, inclusive

long IA2TableModelChange::lastRow

0 based, inclusive

enum IA2TableModelChangeType IA2TableModelChange::type

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