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Errata for Keyboard Access Functional Specification, RC3

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Earl Johnson (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
Chair, Open A11y Workgroup's Keyboard SIG
Gregory J. Rosmaita
Vice Chair, Open Accessibility (A11y) at The Linux Foundation


This document contains errata and corrections to Keyboard Access Functional Specification, RC3 (KAFS RC3). KAFS RC3 is a functional specification which defines the minimum level of keyboard accessibility support and notification that must be provided to the user by an FSG Certified X Windowing System. This support ensures that users with a variety of physical disabilities will always have a basic level of access to the windowing system's core functions -- keyboard input and controlling the system pointer (where available).

The features in KAFS RC3 are largely dependent on support provided at the operating system level of the platform. This functional specification covers the 3 areas described below:

  1. "Configuration and Setting Requirements" enumerates the features and associated controls, configurability, and minimum ranges provided to the user.
  2. "End-User Notification, Keyboard Invocation, and Pointer Emulation Requirements" enumerates the additional notification and controllability a platform must support in the user interface developed to meet the above section's requirements.
  3. "Feature Behavior Requirements" describes the type of behavior that must occur when the functionality of a keyboard access feature is exercised.

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