Steps for building a11y-msaa.dll/a11y-ia2.dll


1. Creating a new Visual C++ win32 project

A directory with the project name will be created in the chosen location. ( C:\MyProjects\a11y-msaa or C:\MyProjects\a11y-ia2).

2. Copying the required source files and idl file

The following are the Msaa source files (.h and .cpp) which can be obtained from the org.a11y.utils.accprobe.accservice.core.win32.msaa-fragment project in bin-src folder.

The following are the IA2 source files (.h and .cpp) which can be obtained from the org.a11y.utils.accprobe.accservice.core.win32.ia2-fragment project in bin-src folder.

Copy all of the above files into the project directory ( Eg: C:\MyProjects\a11y-msaa or C:\MyProjects\a11y-ia2).

In solution explorer, right click on Header files-> Add existing Item and select all of the header files. Similarly, add all .cpp files to Source files and ia2_api_all.idl to Resource files.

2. Setting the project properties

4. Adding the MIDL generated files to the project

Right click on ia2_api_all.idl and choose Compile. If ia2_api_all.idl is compiled successfully, the following files are generated in the project folder: ia2_api_all.h, ia2_api_all_i.c and ia2_api_all_p.c. Add ia2_api_all.h to header files and ia2_api_all_i.c to source files. This completes all the project settings and we're ready to build.

5. Build the project

In Build Menu, Choose Build Solution. If the build is successful, a11y-msaa.dll/a11y-ia2.dll is created in Debug or Release directory in the project folder. (Eg: C:\MyProjects\a11y-ia2\Release\a11y-msaa.dll or C:\MyProjects\a11y-ia2\Debug\a11y-ia2.dll)